When you’re buying an adjustable bed, changing the angle is the main priority. With the Reverie bed, this will no longer pose any problem at all. This brand can virtually elevate your sleeping position to any angle. So make sure you don’t hurt yourself with the extreme angle after you’ve bought this bed. The Reverie 8Q adjustable bed is the finest one if the angle is your concern.

Aside from the angle, the massage feature is very quiet compared to most brands. I can’t tell you how many massage features in many electronic devices that have failed me to sleep tightly, just because of it’s being noisy. So if you really wish to have the feeling of quiet massage like the “ASMR”, then the Reverie 8Q is the one that you should buy. Don’t be surprised if you’ve fallen asleep pretty much often when you’re using this amazing adjustable bed to massage your back with the finest pressure and the quiet noise.